Business Beginners in Cyber Security

Qualification Title:
Qualifi Level 2 Diploma in Business Beginners in Cyber Security
Qualification Type:
Vocational Related Qualification
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Credit Equivalency:
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Progression routes:
Qualifi Level 3 Diploma
UK and international

The qualification has been created to develop those learners who are looking to choose, or already have chosen, a career in a business-related sector but require basic knowledge and competences in the field of Cyber Security (which includes sub-disciplines of compliance, digital media risk management, security risk management, to name a few) without undertaking any technical level of proficiency.

Entry Requirements

  • Qualifications at Level 1 and/or;
  • Work experience in a business environment and demonstrate ambition with clear career goals;
  • A Level 2 qualification in another discipline and who want to develop their careers in business management and/or risk management.
  1. What is a Cyber Attack
  2. What is ‘Hacking’?
  3. Case studies in Hacking
  4. Malicious v non-malicious: understanding the boundaries
  5. How are our homes and businesses vulnerable to hacking?
  • Top Threats to businesses and business communities
  • Learning from the 2017 ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack
  • Targeted vs untargeted attacks: why it’s good to know who’s attacking us
  • Most popular types of hacking methods in Wi-Fi environments
  • How to tell we’ve been hacked


  • Computer Crime Laws; How have they been applied against hackers?
  • Computer Misue, Data Protection and Fraud laws
  • USA laws
  • What can all employees do about protecting our personal and workplace data?
  • Main risks to mobile devices
  • Calculating the loss of our mobile data
  • Internet of Things
  • IoT: What’s the right security strategy?
  • Solutions for protecting mobile devices


  • Personal attitudes to computer use and how to change them
  • Physical security measures that can benefit cyber security
  • Personnel and process-driven security measures that can benefit cyber security
  • Training and further development
  • Design your own cyber security toolkit


  • £799.00Tuition Fee
  • 20 WeeksDuration
  • OnlineStudy Mode
  • Flexible Start DateStart Dates